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PhpBotFramework\Commands\AdminCommand Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PhpBotFramework\Commands\AdminCommand:
PhpBotFramework\Commands\MessageCommand PhpBotFramework\Commands\BasicCommand

Public Member Functions

 __construct (string $command, callable $script, array $ids)
 Registers commands that can be triggered only by administrators. More...
bool checkCommand (array $message)
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 __construct (string $command, callable $script)
 Add a function that will be executed everytime a message contain the selected command. More...
bool checkCommand (array $message)
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callable getScript ()

Static Public Attributes

static $type = 'message'
static $object_class = 'PhpBotFramework\Entities\Message'
static $priority = 1
- Static Public Attributes inherited from PhpBotFramework\Commands\MessageCommand
static $type = 'message'
static $object_class = 'PhpBotFramework\Entities\Message'
static $priority = 1

Additional Inherited Members

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

PhpBotFramework\Commands\AdminCommand::__construct ( string  $command,
callable  $script,
array  $ids 

Registers commands that can be triggered only by administrators.

It works like MessageCommand but it requires a third argument: the list of Telegram IDs which represents the users that can execute the command.

$start_command = new PhpBotFramework\Commands\AdminCommand("getusers",
    function ($bot, $message) {
        $bot->sendMessage("Hello, folks!");
array(3299130043, -439991220, 12221004));
string$commandThe command that will trigger this function (e.g. start)
callable$scriptThe function that will be triggered by a command.
array$idsThe users who can execute the command. Must take an object(the bot) and an array(the message received).

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