PhpBotFramework  2.0.2
A framework for Telegram Bots' APIs.
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PhpBotFramework\Core\Inline Class Reference

All inline API Methods. More...

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PhpBotFramework\Core\CoreBot PhpBotFramework\BasicBot PhpBotFramework\Bot PhpBotFramework\Test\TestBot

Public Member Functions

bool answerCallbackQuery ($text='', $show_alert=false, string $url='')
 Answer a callback query. More...
bool answerInlineQuery (string $results='', string $switch_pm_text='', $switch_pm_parameter='', bool $is_personal=true, int $cache_time=300)
 Answer a inline query (when the user write "Query") with a button, that will make user switch to the private chat with the bot, on the top of the results. Api reference More...

Protected Member Functions

 execRequest (string $url)

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

All inline API Methods.

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