PhpBotFramework  2.0.2
A framework for Telegram Bots' APIs.
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PhpBotFramework\Core\Send Class Reference

All API Methods that send a message (text based or not). More...

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PhpBotFramework\Core\CoreBot PhpBotFramework\BasicBot PhpBotFramework\Bot PhpBotFramework\Test\TestBot

Public Member Functions

Message false sendMessage ($text, string $reply_markup=null, int $reply_to=null, string $parse_mode='HTML', bool $disable_web_preview=true, bool $disable_notification=false)
 Send a text message. More...
Message false forwardMessage ($from_chat_id, int $message_id, bool $disable_notification=false)
 Forward a message. More...
Message false sendPhoto (&$photo, string $reply_markup=null, string $caption='', bool $disable_notification=false)
 Send a photo. More...
Message false sendAudio ($audio, string $caption=null, string $reply_markup=null, int $duration=null, string $performer, string $title=null, bool $disable_notification=false, int $reply_to_message_id=null)
 Send an audio. More...
Message false sendDocument (string $document, string $caption='', string $reply_markup=null, bool $disable_notification=false, int $reply_to_message_id=null)
 Send a document. More...
Message false sendSticker ($sticker, string $reply_markup=null, bool $disable_notification=false, int $reply_to_message_id=null)
 Send a sticker. More...
Message false sendVoice ($voice, string $caption, int $duration, string $reply_markup=null, bool $disable_notification, int $reply_to_message_id=0)
 Send audio files. More...
bool sendChatAction (string $action)
 Say the user what action bot's going to do. More...

Protected Member Functions

 execRequest (string $url)
 processRequest (string $method, string $class, $file)
 checkCurrentFile (TelegramFile $file)

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

All API Methods that send a message (text based or not).

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