PhpBotFramework  2.0.2
A framework for Telegram Bots' APIs.
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Properties and methods to handle your Telegrams bot. More...


 PhpBotFramework\BasicBot::processWebhookUpdate ()
 Get update and process it. More...
 PhpBotFramework\BasicBot::getUpdatesLocal (int $limit=100, int $timeout=60)
 Get updates received by the bot, and hold the offset in $offset. More...
 PhpBotFramework\Bot::__construct (string $token)
 Construct an empty bot. More...
int PhpBotFramework\Core\CoreBot::getChatID ()
 Get chat ID of the current user. More...
 PhpBotFramework\Core\CoreBot::setChatID ($chat_id)
 Set current chat ID. More...
int PhpBotFramework\Core\CoreBot::getBotID ()
 Get bot ID using getMe method. More...


 Store the inline keyboard.
 Database handler object.
 Redis connection.
 Localization handler object.
 Status handler object.

Detailed Description

Properties and methods to handle your Telegrams bot.

Here're listed all the properties and methods that offers facilities for bot's basic features.

Function Documentation

◆ __construct()

PhpBotFramework\Bot::__construct ( string  $token)

Construct an empty bot.

Construct a complete Telegram bot which can use localization, database and more other.

string$tokenBot token, you can request one through BotFather on Telegram.

◆ getBotID()

int PhpBotFramework\Core\CoreBot::getBotID ( )

Get bot ID using getMe method.

int Bot id, 0 on errors.

◆ getChatID()

int PhpBotFramework\Core\CoreBot::getChatID ( )

Get chat ID of the current user.

int Chat ID of the user.

◆ getUpdatesLocal()

PhpBotFramework\BasicBot::getUpdatesLocal ( int  $limit = 100,
int  $timeout = 60 

Get updates received by the bot, and hold the offset in $offset.

Get the update_id of the first update to parse, set it in $offset and then it start an infinite loop where it processes updates and keep $offset on the update_id of the last update received. Each processUpdate() method call is surrounded by a try/catch.

See also
int$limitOptional. Limits the number of updates to be retrieved. Values between 1—100 are accepted.
int$timeoutOptional. Timeout in seconds for long polling.

◆ processWebhookUpdate()

PhpBotFramework\BasicBot::processWebhookUpdate ( )

Get update and process it.

Call this method if user is using webhook. It'll get bot's update from php::, check it and then process it using processUpdate.

◆ setChatID()

PhpBotFramework\Core\CoreBot::setChatID (   $chat_id)

Set current chat ID.

Change the chat ID on which the bot acts.

$chat_idThe new chat ID to set.